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High Efficiency Showerhead

To complete installation you will need:
• High-Efficiency Showerhead – located in your Kit
• Teflon Tape – located in your Kit
• Vice grip pliers
• Crescent wrench
• Old towel or rag
• Old toothbrush

Important: Installation should only be performed by an adult.

    Remove Old Showerhead

  1. Place an old towel or rag over drain at bottom of the shower or tub. This will prevent any washers or grit from the shower arm falling down the drain.
  2. Cover shower arm (the pipe coming out of the wall) with the old towel or rag, then affix vice grip pliers securely to the shower arm approximately one inch above the showerhead attachment nut.
  3. Now, fit a crescent wrench to the showerhead attachment nut. Maintain a firm grip on the vice grip pliers so that it stays stationary, and turn the crescent wrench slowly counterclockwise, thus removing the existing showerhead.
  4. Clean Existing Shower Arm

  5. Using the old toothbrush and a dry rag, clean and dry the threaded area of the shower arm thoroughly.
  6. Flush Out Shower Pipe

  7. After removing the old showerhead, turn on the water and allow to run for five to 10 seconds. This will flush out any residue that might have come loose inside the pipe.
  8. Prepare Shower Arm

  9. Dry threads again if necessary on shower arm and wrap the Teflon Tape 1-1/2 to three turns clockwise around the threaded tip of the shower arm.
  10. Install New Showerhead

  11. In a clockwise direction, screw your new High-Efficiency Showerhead onto the taped portion of the shower arm. Place the old towel inside the crescent wrench grip area and tighten slightly until snug.

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