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How can I reduce my electricity use and save money?

One way is to enroll in the PPL Electric Utilities’ E-PowerWise Program, set your savings target and complete the activities described in the Quick Start Guide. This program is part of a series of energy savings initiatives that PPL Electric Utilities is implementing to assist customers to save energy. (Note: Savings targets included in the Quick Start Guide are annual estimates of potential dollar savings. Actual savings vary by household.)

What is the PPL Electric Utilities E-PowerWise Program?

This energy savings Program is designed to educate customers about energy use and how to save on their electricity bills. The Program shows you easy ways to use energy more efficiently in your own home, and gives you products and tips to help you start saving today. Over the past 15 years, hundreds of thousands of families from across the country have participated in similar programs, yielding tremendous energy savings.

E-PowerWise is part of the PPL Electric Utilities E-power initiative providing customers with tools, information and incentives to help them reduce their electricity use and carbon footprint, as well as save money.

What are the requirements to participate in the PPL Electric Utilities E-PowerWise Program?

You must be a PPL Electric Utilities residential customer with income at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty level.

How much does the PPL Electric Utilities E-PowerWise Program cost?

The Program is provided by PPL Electric Utilities at NO COST to eligible customers.

Who pays for the Program?

PPL Electric Utilities is funding the Program.

I am paying for Act 129 programs in my electric bill, why can’t I participate in the PPL Electric Utilities E-PowerWise Program?

Any PPL Electric Utilities residential customers who meet the Program guidelines can participate in this Program. Call 1-888-647-3831 for more information.

How did PPL Electric Utilities select me for this Program?

The information you provided to PPL Electric Utilities as a customer allowed us to select you for this Program.

What does my family have to do?

It’s easy to participate. Just enroll and you will receive an Easy Savings Kit. The Kit includes a Quick Start Guide and FREE high-quality, energy-efficient products for your home. The Quick Start Guide provides you with instructions on how to use the products and tips that will help lower your energy use. All we ask in return is that you and your family pledge to save energy and return the survey found in the Kit. It is that simple! Call 1-888-647-3831 or enroll online.

What products are included in the Easy Savings Kit?

Each Kit includes:
• 1 – 15 Watt CFL
• 1 – 20 Watt CFL
• 1 – Kitchen Aerator
• 1 – Bathroom Aerator
• 1 – High-Efficiency Showerhead
• 1 – Digital Thermometer
• 1 – LimeLite® Night Light
• 1 – Reminder Stickers/Magnet
• 2 – PPL Electric Utilities Light Cover Stickers
• 1 – Energy Literature
• 1 – Quick Start Guide
• 1 – Survey (with pre-paid return postage)

Compact Fluorescent Lights contain mercury. Are they safe to use?

Yes. CFLs contain a very small amount of mercury that makes these lights so efficient. No mercury is emitted when the bulb is in use or intact (not broken).

Mercury is found naturally in the air, soil and water. Of all household products that contain mercury, CFLs have the least amount – an average of 4mg or less, which is about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. However, it’s important to “close the loop” and protect the environment by recycling your CFLs.

Through the PPL Electric Utilities CFL Program, the company has partnered with participating retailers to offer discounted CFLs and free CFL recycling in their stores. For information about the CFL program, visit

Why should my family participate in the PPL Electric Utilities E-PowerWise Program?

Through this Program you will learn tips and get free energy-efficient products that will help you reduce your energy use and can save you money.

How can I get an additional Easy Savings Kit?

Only one Kit is available at no cost per selected households. You can purchase additional Easy Savings Kits by calling 1-888-647-3831.

Can I switch products within the Kit?

No, the Kit options cannot be changed.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my electric bill?

Please contact PPL Electric Utilities at:
Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday - Friday

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